# Overview

Here you will find basic information on the HyperRTC’s API. If you’d like to see how things work in action, go to Hello World. In case of questions or requests, visit our Forum, or contact us directly at support@hyperrtc.com


To increase security you must execute the HyperRTC RestAPI from your backend, and do not call the rest-api from your mobile application directly.

# Notes

  • The request body and response output are in JSON format
  • In POST or PUT methods you need to send your request payload in application/json content type
  • Your date time must be in ISO format , for example : 2018-08-26T16:18:18.163

# Authorization

Every application in HyperRTC has a API-Token that you can use it for making call or anything related to this application.

For execute the API endpoints you need to set API-Token for authorize. Set API-Token in your request Authorization header like below :

request.addHeader("Authorization", "Bearer " + apiToken);

# Error Codes

When the response status code is not 200 - Success, the response body contains error details :

    "status": "bad_request",
    "reasons": [


To see the list of all errors you can see Errors page.